• Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station

    Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station

    Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station is roughly 20-minute car ride. THSR makes it less than 30 mins upwards to Taipei, and less than 70 mins downwards to Zuoying. What an impressive convenience!

    Distance 9.7 Km,Driving time 17 Minute
  • Taoyuan International Airport

    Taoyuan International Airport

    Taoyuan International Airport is roughly 15-minute car ride. The guests travelling with flights are benefited greatly from this fast transportation.

    Distance 13.1 Km,Driving time 18 Minute
  • Taoyuan Bus

    Taoyuan Bus

    Taoyuan Bus stop (Taimall) is 8-minute walk along with Changrong Road.

    Distance 0.9 Km,Driving time 3 Minute
  • Taoyuan MRT

    Taoyuan MRT

    Taoyuan MRT connects High Speed Rail and Taoyuan International Airport as well as Taipei MRT. Traveling to Taipei, airport or THSR station is so much easy in such a great location.

    Distance 13.1 Km,Driving time 18 Minute
  • Nankan Wufu Night Market

    Nankan Wufu Night Market

    The famous night market is only 15-minute walk. Over 30 mouthwatering street delights, are waiting for your taste.

    Distance 1.5 Km,Driving time 5 Minute
  • TAIMALL Shopping Center

    TAIMALL Shopping Center

    The largest shopping center in Taoyuan area. Nearly 300 stores selling name-brand in here. A good choice for shopping.

    Distance 0.9 Km,Driving time 4 Minute
  • Kengkou Community Painted Village

    Kengkou Community Painted Village

    Most of the scenes are based on farm life commonly seen in the fifties and sixties. The return to simpler times makes the experience more intimate, which is also one of the main reasons for its popularity among tourists; it is also a favorite location for visitors to take photos.

    Distance 4.6 Km,Driving time 9 Minute
  • Zhuwei Fishing Harbor

    Zhuwei Fishing Harbor

    Zhuwei Fishing Harbor is a fishing port with recreational function in northern Taoyuan.There is a rainbow bridge at the northern entry of Zhuwei Fishing Harbor. This Nielson-Lohse steel arch bridge has become a popular landmark, making the fishing port more romantic at night.​

    Distance 9.7 Km,Driving time 22 Minute
  • Daxi Old Street

    Daxi Old Street

    When traveling in Taoyuan, be sure to visit Daxi Old Street, where you will experience the true Taiwanese flavor!

    Distance 32.0 Km,Driving time 38 Minute
  • The Cihu Cultural Park

    The Cihu Cultural Park

    Since 2009, Back Cihu has been open to the public by the Taoyuan City Government, and 5 official residences have been retained to reconstruct the history of Back Cihu and President Chiang’s family life, as well as their living space.

    Distance 36.8 Km,Driving time 47 Minute

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