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>Room Rate
Guest Room Fixed Price Week Day Holiday Special Holiday
Elegant Room 6800/room 3150/room 3600/room 5000/room
Splendid Room 6800/room 3150/room 3600/room 5000/room
Brilliant Suite 13800/room 4500/room 4950/room 6500/room
Deluxe Suite 16800/room 5850/room 6300/room 8000/room
Super Star Suite 38800/room 9000/room 10800/room 15000/room
Splendid Triple Room 7800/room 4050/room 4500/room 6000/room
Brilliant Family Suite 15800/room 4950/room 5400/room 7500/room
Deluxe Family Suite 18800/room 6300/room 6750/room 8500/room
  • ​Changes to the hotel room rates shall be accordance to the notice on site. 
  • Special Holiday defined as: Dec 31st , Jan 1st, consecutive 5 days from Chinese New Year’s Eve 
  • Holiday defined as: every Friday, Saturday and the day prior to the long weekends,
    i.e. 228 Peace Memorial Day (Feb 24th -27th); Tomb Sweeping Day (Mar 31st – April 3rd ); Labor Day (April 28th – 30th );
    Dragon Boat Festival (May 26th – 29th); Moon Festival & National Day (Sep 29th – Oct 9th ) 
  • Free parking for guest.
  • Most credit card are accepted.
  • Hotel room rates are subject to 10% service charge.
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