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Yei Classic Cuisine

Chef team adhere to the high standard of ingredients, fresh seasoning, delicate knife skill,
the traditional formula with superb cooking techniques, professional wobble-plate, to cook every dish.
The modern visual and the traditional dishes interact each other to create a unique feast.

  • ✤ Chinese cuisine, Banquet service
    ✤ Accommodate:200 people
    ✤ Outdoor piazza
    ✤ Wedding Banquet place provided

    ※ Business hours:11:30~14:00、17:30~21:00   Tel:03-2120001
    ※ The hotel reserves the right to modify and terminate the contents of the project.
    ※ Changes to the price shall be accordance to the announcement on site.
  • ※ Banquet MENU(Download)            ※ Wedding MENU(Download)            ※ Party MENU(Download)

    ※ Yei classic cuisine MENU(Download)​

    (All pictures are for reference only, please take the actual dishes as the standard)
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