◉ Brand Story

【The origin of the name】
The name "Freedom Design Hotel" is derived from the English "FREEDOM" homophonic, inspired by the film "Brave Heart" and "Dragon Heart" inspired. The two movies have the same purpose, the story also occurred in the medieval century, also conveyed the courage, loyalty and selfless, the same in order to pursue "FREEDOM" against the power. The word contains the love of life and dedication to the dream.  Freedom Design Hotel is also built for the love of the village, built for the dream. And strive to meet the travelers in the pursuit of the dream process, the demand for temporary parking.


【Brief introduction】
Freedom Design Hotel is located in Taoyuan City Luzhu District Dakeng Riverside, officially opened in July 5, 2013. There are 187 rooms, 10 Ping, 15 Ping, 20 Ping, 50 Ping five room types. There are providing Chinese food, coffee, afternoon tea, meetings, banquet and other services. It is only 10 to 15 minutes drive from Taoyuan Airport and THSR Taoyuan Station, and only 1.8 km from Nankan Interchange. Walking along the river five minutes to reach the Tai-mao shopping center, the location is quite superior. In addition, we want to let customers feel relaxed, comfortable and feel like this is their beautiful home away from home.

【The Promise of Freedom】

The colorful LOGO symbolize we service for the customers from the world's seven continents with a pleasant mood. And wish to ”Color our mind , Color our world.“

Freedom Design Hotel is trying to create a perfect hotel for travelers. Their "amazing journey" starts from entering into hotel. The staff will be always friendly, attentive and helpful. To reach each customers’ requirement, we believed that nothing is impossible mission. And you will have an unforgettable memories in Freedom hotel.