◉ Hotel Features

"Freedom Design Hotel" is built by a well-known architect, from design to supervision, extending the meaning of "FREEDOM". The "FREEDOM STYLE" presents in the design,unlimited creativity, and bright bold color usage. The philosophy for Freedom Design Hotel design concept is focus on exquisite, personalized, colorful".


Native Landscape
Up to 21 meters wide native landscape murals is painted by artist Mr. Lu Mu-ren and Mr. Jiao Sheng-wei by improvising way. The painting take Taiwan 's Nature and Humanities as the theme. Not only that but also express the ecological cycle, the ecological protection, and even from the "family love" to the "land love". It’s worth to watch and reflection of the paintings.


Colorful creation
All of spaces at hotel are full of color , such as the blue chandeliers, large purple crystal chandelier and 256 colors changing light on the wall ; The restaurant is boldly decorated with colorful chandeliers and stained glass windows;Above the second floor, the aisles are all used special custom carpet imported from France Stamford. With the colorful colors to create a relaxed, dynamic, pleasant atmosphere, and highlights the "FREEDOM DESIGN HOTEL" uniqueness.


Eco-Friendly -Green Hotel
At the beginning of the construction involves with eco- planning, thinking towards the concept of green building in order to reduce energy and resource consumption, reduce pollution and protect the environment as a starting point, such as toothbrushes, combs and other amenities are used from a corn production soil decomposition of environment- friendly materials. For example, VRV multi the associated inverter air conditioner, LED energy saving bulbs, hotels heat pump system of double-effect energy conservation, rainwater recovery systems and waste water treatment system etc., taking the initiative and implement. Go green is one of Free Design Hotel's principle.