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    The cultural diversity of Taoyuan City is paralleled by an equal abundance of natural attractions, earning the county the nicknames of the "flower kingdom" and "land of a thousand ponds." The scenic sites along the Northern Cross-Island Highway and the historic Chiang Kai-Shek and Chiang Jing-guo Cultural Park are just a few of the many good reasons to visit Taoyuan.

    Taoyuan also has developed other distinctive attractions, such as the county's Hakka culture, military communities, rustic areas, trails, bikeways, and local industries, hoping to attract more visitors to discover the story of Taoyuan.


    Freedom Design Hotel is built for the love about hometown and the dream about hotel.
    We will strive to meet the demand of rest for the travelers, and make them feel at home here.
    Welcome to Freedom Design Hotel!

  • FOOD

    Yei classic cuisine offers the best of Asian fusion that blend of various Asian elements. You gotta come here and try Yei dishes!


    In such a great location,
    Taoyuan International Airport THSR Taoyuan Station are roughly 15-20minute car ride. 
    And Taoyuan MRT Shanbi Station is only 7-minute car ride.
    Freedom Design Hotel offering excellent travel relay stations around the world.


    In such a great location, walk along the river for five minutes to reach Taimall Shopping Center.
    From the COSTCO, Carrefour is also very close.
    Because close to the airport, duty-free shops is also a good choice for your shopping.


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Freedom Design Hotel is located in Taoyuan City Luzhu District Dakeng Riverside, officially opened in July 5, 2013. There are 187 rooms, 10 Ping, 15 Ping, 20 Ping, 50 Ping five room types. There are providing Chinese food, coffee, afternoon tea, meetings, banquet and other services. It is only 10 to 15 minutes drive from Taoyuan Airport and HSR Taoyuan Station, and only 1.8 km from Nankan Interchange. Walking along the river five minutes to reach the Tai-mao shopping center, the location is quite superior.

In addition, we want to let customers feel relaxed, comfortable and feel like this is their beautiful home away from home.